TITANIA is an independent feature film written & directed by Lisa Stock, starring Victoria Hay in the lead role. Set in the mid-20th century and inspired by both Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the tale of the “Armless Maiden”, TITANIA is a magic-realist saga of healing and liberation.

Titania arrives at a secluded estate with deep wounds down her back, believing she’s come of her own will to rest and regain strength. As her journey toward healing begins, fractured memories of the attack return to her – though start to fade after she ventures into the nearby town. The residents of this city are rooted in propriety, especially keeping silent about one’s misfortunes. She’s expected to cover her wounds and encouraged by locals to not speak of what happened – but she refuses as it’s the only link she has to her past.

An encounter with a local apothecarist fogs her memory even more – but the god of dreams urges her to hold onto her visions. Furthering her curiosity, the impassioned speeches of a local writer infer that there’s something more devastating to Titania’s attack than she can remember. The dreams and clues she receives coax her to follow her intuition and discover the final missing piece of her memory.

In the following concept video Titania implores Nicholas to take her to a man she remembers seeing at the time of her attack. Nicholas reveals his true identity to Titania in hopes of gaining her trust, but she insists on being taken to the mysterious man and believes Nicholas knows where to find him. The dream ends when Nicholas relents and Titania meets up with his driver.


The Titania Prequel short film had a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $10K and being chosen as a Kickstarter Project of the Day. In addition, best-selling author Neil Gaiman promoted the campaign on Twitter, and the project was featured in a 10 page spread in the print version of Faerie Magazine ( circ. 28K). The short film screened in festivals in New York, Atlanta, and Tel Aviv.

Most of the townspeople shun Titania, telling her to hide her wounds and forget about what happened – but she knows this isn’t the way to truly heal. In the concept video below she expresses her frustration with their silence by turning the season from summer to winter and invoking the gods to help her always remember the day of her attack. Breaking from the contemporary dialogue of the rest of the film, this scene is directly inspired by a monologue of Titania’s Shakespearean counterpart.


Lisa is currently in post-production on “Prodigals’ Road” – a TITANIA story… This short film takes place parallel to the feature film and delves deeper into our themes. The script for the film has been accepted into five festivals, winning the Sunday Shorts Fest in London. The film’s trailer has been accepted into three festivals winning the Coming Attraction Award at the Avalonia Film Festival in Rhode Island. The goal of the short film is to tell a story of compassion set against the backdrop of TITANIA and introduce our world and its characters.