Prodigals’ Road

“My ghosts are all I have left, and my fields. My land gives me a reason to live.
Why would I  give that up for another?”

– Samuel, Prodigals’ Road

“Prodigals’ Road” is a short film written & directed by Lisa Stock. As a TITANIA story, this short film takes place parallel to the larger film project and delves deep into our theme of healing from tragedy. The goal of the short film is to tell a story of compassion set against the backdrop of TITANIA and introduce our world and its characters.

Set on a farm in 1960, a man is tricked into sheltering an injured woman whose misfortune begins to spread to his land. His crops begin to die, the roof and chimney of his house begin to crumble and he comes to believe he’s somehow being punished for helping. As he gets set to evict her, two mysterious seamstresses (the mythic ties to life and death) arrive to show him the magical connection between his land and the woman. From there he must decide whether to risk his farm and everything he has to save another.

The film has been accepted into:

  • Krampus Short Film Festival, Asbury park, NJ (winner)
  • DUMBO Film Festival, NY (semi-finalist)

Written by Lisa Stock, the “Prodigals’ Road” script was accepted into:

  • Sunday Shorts Fest, London (winner)
  • The Fantastic Planet Film Festival, Sydney (finalist)
  • Los Angeles Cinefest (semi-finalist)
  • Red Corner Film Festival, NY
  • Mediterranean Film Festival, Siracusa, Italy

And the trailer was accepted to:

  • Creation Film Festival
  • Avalonia Film Festival (winner)

George Macalusco – Samuel
Jeanine Bartel – Miranda
Jason Guy – Liander
Jenilyn Rodriguez – Cassandra
and Victoria Hay – Titania

Lisa Stock – writer/director/producer
Aidan Macaluso – cinematographer
Chris Ortega – sound
Mark Cerniglia – costumes, props
Nina Bellord – hair/make-up
Tina Macalusco – craft services
Jen Parrish for Parrish Relics – Fates’ pendants
Priscilla Hernandez – musical score (


  • Jason Barrett (Barrett’s Transmissions) and Jennifer Moore – for the amazing truck!
  • James and Joan Foutch for the beautiful location and granting us permission to use your land.
  • Our Kickstarter Backers and Lisa’s Patreon Patrons for making this film possible.



“You play on the fields of the gods, Cassandra. It’s a dangerous game.”
– Miranda, Prodigals’ Road